Tire Installation

Advanced Tire & Auto offers the best in wheel and tire mounting. Hunter's Auto 34 Leverless Tire Changer along with our certified technicians will keep your wheels free from nicks, scrapes, and damage.

Please take few minutes to learn about these advanced features or feel free to visit our shop to learn more.

Auto 34 Tire Changer

The Auto 34's exclusive features safely change the world's toughest new performance tires and wheels.
The Hunter Auto 34 tire changer is ideal for working with 18" or larger rim diameters with low profile tires and run flats.

Auto 34 Features:

Innovative Leverless Tool Head
Leverless operation eliminates:
Rim damage from lever during demounting.
Technicians straining to pull over tough beads.
Damage of beads with thick levers.

Mount / Demount Rollers
Rollers automatically indent to follow rim profile.
Gently rolls bead from rim, unlike shovel designs.

Push Button Controls
Most operations are controlled with only three switches.


Hunter TC3500 Tire Changer

When used in conjunction with Hunter's GSP9700 Road Force Measurement® System, the TC3500 quickly and easily helps to eliminate vibration problems that balancers alone can't fix.

The GSP9700 uniquely identifies tire force variation and rim runout related vibration that can often be eliminated by repositioning the tire on the rim.


The TC3500 allows the operator to match-mount spin the tire on the wheel regardless of aspect ratio or tire stiffness.





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