Boeing researched and found the best balancer for their F-15 fighter wheels: Hunter's SmartWeight® balancer. They use the SmartWeight balancer during the assembly process to ensure the wheels stay within the strict specifications required on the F-15 fighter.

GSP9700 Wheel Balancer with StraightTrak® Lateral Force Measurement
Eliminate Tire-Related Drift Complaints and Pull Problems



The GSP9700 solves vibration problems balancing can't fix. The StraightTrak LFM feature also solves alignment related tire pull problems that wheel aligners cannot fix.


Going far beyond the traditional functions of a wheel balancer...
The GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tire forces and provides solutions for solving ride and handling problems.


Benefits of the GSP9700's Three-In-One Diagnostic Repair Capability:

Detects non-balance, radial force- related problems associated with:
Tire uniformity.
Tire and rim runout.
Wheel-to-balancer mounting error.
Improper bead seating of tire to rim.

Identifies Potential Vehicle Pull or Drift Problems
The StraightTrak® LFM feature measures lateral tire force then applies that information to a set of tires, providing multiple placement choices to eliminate or minimize pull problems.

Dramatically Improves Ride Quality & Customer Satisfaction
Duplicates vibration measurement and tire/wheel matching methods to provide that "new car ride."


Lack of tire uniformity is a common and often hidden source of vibration. As a tire rolls, it flexes as if it were made of springs. Vibration results when tire stiffness is not uniform.


StraightTrak® Lateral Force Measurement
Eliminate Tire-Related Drift Complaints and Pull Problems


One of the most difficult handling issues to fix is a pull problem. Tire forces are the most elusive, and until recently, un measurable conditions leading to pull problems.
Tire-related pulls are caused by lateral forces in the tires. Lateral force is the amount of left or right pull force created as the tire rolls along the road. This condition may cause a vehicle to steer away from straight ahead.


Tires are tagged and positioned on the vehicle to provide the least amount of vehicle pull and obtain the best straight ahead steering stability. Pull or drift caused by the lateral forces can be systematically minimized, offset or eliminated.



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