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Utilizing factory diagnostic tools with the latest software allows us to access fault codes, freeze-frame data, sensor inputs, and various self-tests. Eliminating the need to take your vehicle back to the dealer. It's rare to find an independent repair facility with even one factory diagnostic tool. Advanced is proud to boast we have twenty one... You'd have to travel beyond the East Coast to find another facility similarly equipped. Factory equipment aside, it takes months or even years to master the functions and operation of each individual tool.

Our Factory Diagnostic Tools:

Acura - GNA 600-MVCI
Audi - VAG 5052 PC-based
BMW - GT1 PC-based
Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep - Chrysler DRBIII - Wi-Tech
Ford, Lincoln, Mercury - (IDS) Integrated Diagnostic System
General Motors, GMC - GM Tech II and GM MDI
Honda - GNA 600-MVCI
Hyundai - (GDS) Global Diagnostic System
Infiniti - Consult III - Consult III+
Jaguar - (IDS) Integrated Diagnostic System
Kia - (GDS) Global Diagnostic System
Lexus - Master Tech and Techstream
Land Rover - (IDS) Integrated Diagnostic System
Mazda - (MMDS) Mazda Modular Diagnostic System
Mercedes Benz - DAS Xentry PC-based
Mini - GT1 PC-based
Nissan - Consult III - Consult III+
Saab - GM Tech II
Suzuki - GM Tech II
Toyota - Master Tech and Techstream
Volkswagen - VAG 5052 PC-based

Our Aftermarket Diagnostic Tools:

Automotive Test Solutions

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